Erandi Reiland


Erandi Reiland

Board Treasurer

Erandi Reiland is an attorney at BBB Attorneys, LLC.  Originally from Mexico, moving to the United States at an early age gave Erandi a fierce drive to succeed and a strong sense of compassion. This is what drives her efforts with every client she works with. Erandi is committed to guiding clients through some of the biggest decisions of their lives.

After immigrating to the United States, she spent her formative years in California, later living in cities across the country, Europe, and Asia, before landing in Connecticut. Relocating frequently gave her a firm understanding how arduous a language barrier can be. She strives to see through complexities and make difficult legal concepts easy to understand. She is also proud to work with Spanish speaking clients, helping them navigate the complexity of their cases in their own language.

She is a music enthusiast, and enjoys reading, painting, and traveling. She lives in New Haven with her guitar-obsessed husband Zach.