HARTFORD — More than 400 people attended the 20th anniversary of the Latinas and Power Symposium held at the Marriott Hartford Downtown on Thursday. The annual conference was founded by Meriden native Marilyn Alverio with the purpose to motivate Latinas towards success. The event featured panels, keynote speakers and exhibits.

“I knew that there was a need for Latinas to share stories together, to connect with each other, to really have that kind of relationship that is so special in the Latino culture,” she said. “Women came up to me and said, ‘Marilyn, please don’t stop. We need this.’”

Hundreds of Latinas gathered in Hartford Thursday for the Latinas and Power Symposium to exchange entrepreneurship ideas and get inspired.

This year the organization celebrated its 20th anniversary with women leaders from all over the country.

Marilyn Alverio, CEO and founder of the event, says more opportunities are needed to help Latina women start businesses and advance their professional growth.

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I met so many wonderful Latinas during my recent Global Leadership Program Under the How Women Lead Latina Co-Hort experience. The group represented Latinas from throughout the U.S. and a number of countries. One of them was Theresa Gonzales from the San Francisco Bay Area. She is an awesome podcaster. Her platform is called Latinas from the Block to the Boardroom. Check out our conversation on this podcast.

Latinas & Power with Marilyn Alverio

Season 3, Ep. 129

Did you know that Latinas won’t achieve equal pay until 2197 at the current rate of change?


This is not science fiction. This is a real finding from a scientific report by Latina & Power, a global network created to inspire, motivate and enable Latinas to succeed as influential leaders and advocates. According to this report, despite Latina being an economic powerhouse with over 12.9 million women in the workforce, they still earn only 55 cents on the dollar relative to white non-Latino men. These findings tell us there is still much work to do for Latinas to achieve the recognition they deserve.

2023 Latinas & Power Symposium Announced

Latinas & Power Corp announced today the keynote speakers for the non-profit’s 20th Anniversary LATINAS & POWER SYMPOSIUM to be held in-person in Hartford, CT on June 1, 2023, from 8:30 am to 5 pm at the Marriott Downtown Hartford (100 Columbus Avenue). This empowering day-long event for Latinas on a career or entrepreneurial track will also be available via Livestream.