Latinas in Leadership Institute (LiLi)

Latinas & Power Corp has created a Latinas in Leadership Institute which will offer a Women’s Leadership & Advocacy Certificate designed for early career and mid-career Latinas in the workplace and in business with a desire to level-up in their organization/business and enhance their leadership or advocacy abilities.

Before embarking on this initiative, we conducted surveys and virtual focus groups to understand the current needs of Latinas and what obstacles they face today. We used the research findings to produce an industry-leading report: “The Latina Pathway to Excellence in A Post Pandemic World.”

The report highlighted striking themes surrounding representation: cultural expectations, a need for champions, imposter syndrome, visibility, and the benefits and challenges of operating in a virtual environment.

In response, we have created an initiative called the Latinas in Leadership Institute (Lili).


Latinas currently earn

on the dollar relative to white non-Latino men.

Latinas’ earnings compared to white men changed only

between 1988 & 2019.

Latinas won’t achieve equal pay until the year

at the current rate of change

Frequently Asked Questions

LiLI is a professional development platform intended to help women take that next step in their career or their business. If you are interested in gaining new skills and becoming part of a “comadreship”, we can offer you an opportunity to build a network of trusted cohorts and advisors.