Why Join La Mesa Latina?

Our purpose is to create a supportive community of Latina professionals and entrepreneurs, committed to inspiring and uplifting each other to break barriers, achieve our goals, and bridge the Latina leadership gap. La Mesa Latina serves as a space that builds confidence, celebrates collaboration, and forms community, so that together we can create pathways to success and position Latinas as exceptional candidates for leadership roles.

Founded by a group of seasoned Latina professionals, who experienced challenges and barriers in the workplace over the last 50 years, La Mesa Latina addresses an evident and widely unchanged issue:  the Latina leadership gap in the U.S. Despite progress, the gap remains wide. So we are rolling up our sleeves and creating positive change. At our core, we advocate for a future where every Latina thrives. 


Networking with Latina Professionals & Entrepreneurs

Network directly with Latina professionals excelling in various industries in our community or at in-person networking events. These insightful connections are a fantastic opportunity to hear firsthand experiences and seek advice on tackling unique workplace challenges. The benefit: getting valuable insights directly from experienced Latina professionals.


La Mesa Latina Book Club

Immerse yourself in inspiring discussions and broaden your perspectives with our selection books by Latina authors. Connect with other Latinas over shared literary interests and gain new insights into your personal and professional development.


VIP Access to Announcements & Special Offers

Stay ahead of the curve with early access to upcoming La Mesa Latina announcements and special offers. Be the first to know about exciting events, opportunities, and initiatives tailored to inspire Latina professionals and entrepreneurs. This VIP access ensures you're always at the forefront of our vibrant community, ready to seize new opportunities and maximize your engagement.


Engaging Webinars

Enjoy complimentary access to a diverse range of engaging live and on-demand webinars designed to support Latinas in advancing their professional skills. You'll also benefit from discounts to premium membership webinars, offering even more opportunities to expand your knowledge and expertise.


Opportunities Board

Discover and share opportunities to propel our community towards professional growth and advancement. Whether you're seeking new career opportunities, looking to connect with top-tier talent, or wanting to engage with our community through volunteer events, our opportunities board serves as a dynamic platform for fostering meaningful connections and facilitating career progression within our vibrant network.


La Marqueta Catalog:

Explore an array of products and professional services by Latina-owned businesses in our marketplace. Designed to support Latina entrepreneurs, La Marqueta fosters growth opportunities, expands their reach, and enriches your shopping experience with diverse goods and services.

The Results You'll Get

Our community, engaging webinars, and dynamic networking events are pretty special. We’re focused on the ways it will make a huge difference in your life and career.

Here are a few of the things you’ll be able to do as a member of La Mesa Latina:

  • You'll be able to learn career insights and strategies from like-minded Latina professionals and entrepreneurs.

  • You can develop connections and valuable partnerships within a supportive community of Latina professionals and entrepreneurs.

  • You'll strengthen your skills through shared experiences, aiding in your professional growth and glass ceiling shattering efforts.

  • Access to a Network of Latina Professionals,

  • A Book Club featuring Latina authors,

  • VIP Announcements & Engaging Webinars

  • All the community Member Benefits Above

  • Showcase your business in La Marqueta

  • Access to VIP Events & Premium Webinars

  • Save 30% by Becoming an Annual Member